Glimpse Magazine Covers The Natures Nest

Glimpse Magazine Covers The Natures Nest

After Sadhika Malhotra finished her schooling from GD Goenka Public School, and a BBA degree in Entrepreneurship, she focused on cosmetology, beauty products, and perfumes.

Given that Sadhika Malhotra’s father and grandfather have been in the retail business for decades, it was perhaps only natural for the 23-year-old to join the family business. And in 2017, she launched a premium beauty products brand, The Nature’s Nest by Sadhika Malhotra.

“Since childhood, I have seen my parents utilise the bounties of nature for staying healthy and looking beautiful.

My father went to great lengths to procure the purest and best quality ingredients for homemade remedies and beauty treatments – be it shikakai, amla, the purest chandan and Kashmiri saffron,” recalls Malhotra, adding, “I witnessed the miracles of nature and the importance of purity plus quality. As I grew up, I started looking for ready-made natural products.

But most of the products I used were not a patch on the home-made beauty products. That is when I launched my own brand.” The Nature’s Nest targets protecting the hair, body and skin of every individual according to their body types. The brand has a bouquet of certified products made from natural herbs and extracts of fresh fruits. Malhotra says she makes sure all her products are free from parabens, mineral oil and harmful chemicals.

After her schooling from GD Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj, and a BBA degree in Entrepreneurship from GD Goenka University, Sohna Road, she focused on cosmetology, beauty products, and perfumes.

“After that, I interned to get some experience in the manufacture of beauty products, after which my family guided me on buying the right manufacturing machines, and then I got into the art of making the products for The Nature’s Nest and the scent studio,” reminisces Malhotra.

“We divert a substantial portion of the marketing and distribution costs to present a higher quality product at competitive rates to discerning women. That’s how we are building a small but extremely loyal set of customers,” she explains. Indeed, Malhotra has big plans for The Nature’s Nest’s future.

“I have been quite conservative in going all out as I was testing the market till now. Now, I am ready to move into a higher orbit. I am buoyed by the growing class of discerning women who are ready to pay for a great quality product. With a well-executed plan, we should be able to generate revenue of over `10 crores in the next five years,” she concludes.

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